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Amazonite Generator Charging Pack 💙

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Beautiful Amazonite Generator Charging Pack consisting of:

1 x Amazonite Generator Tower 

Aligns you to your life purpose

Assists you in finding the divine truth in all things

Facilitates deep internal reflection

Generators amplify energies and aid in setting & manifesting intentions.


1 x Selenite Round 10cm Charging Plate 

Perfect way to charge & cleanse all your Crystals 🙌🏽

Selenite is a cleansing stone and helps with Mental Clarity and Focus.

It wards off Negative and Unwanted Energies 

It can be used to Cleanse and Recharge all other crystals

Packaged together to make a beautiful gift 🎁 or simply to spoil yourself ❤️

(Available in various crystal generator options)

All my pieces are Cleared and Charged with Reiki