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Assorted Crystal Box ❤️

Healing Channel

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Gorgeous Crystal Assortment Box for Beginners, Collectors and all Crystal Lovers ❤️

Consisting of Beautiful and Healing Pieces:

Pink Calcite –

Boosts Self Confidence & Self Esteem, Forgiveness, Self-Love
Black Tourmaline –

Turquoise –

Master Healer, Fortune, Protection
Amethyst –

Peace, Calm, Anxiety & Protection
Clear Quartz –

Master Healer, Amplifier of all Crystals & Energies
Selenite – Cleanser/Recharger of all Crystals, Rids Unwanted Energies & Thoughts,
Mental Clarity & Focus
Citrine –

Abundance, Wealth, Prosperity, Creativity & Manifestation

White Sage Smudge Stick –
Rids Negative Energy and Attracts Good Fortune

All boxed up beautifully making a Unique and Special Gift 🎁 for Someone Special or simply to add to your collection… 

All pieces have been Cleared and Charged with Reiki