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Aura Druzy Sphalerite Fairy Carving 🧚‍♀️

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Beautiful Aura Druzy Sphalerite Fairy Carving 🧚‍♀️ 

These magical, extremely beautiful and rare Aura Sphalerite carvings are an Absolute must in every home 🙌🏽

Aura Sphalerite a powerful and vibrant crystal known for its grounding and balancing properties.

This Crystal not only has Amazing healing benefits but also shimmers with a captivating iridescence, radiating a sense of joy and positive energy.

Allow these mystical creatures to guide you on your journey, bringing harmony and balance to your life.

Here's what makes our Aura Sphalerite Fairy Carvings truly special:

• Aura Sphalerite: A stone that strengthens your aura and aligns your chakras, promoting emotional healing and clarity of thought.

Fairy’s  symbolize purity, innocence, and magic, reminding us to believe in ourselves and follow our dreams 🙌🏽

All my pieces are Cleared and Charged with Reiki