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Crystal Grid Board - Sri Yantra Design ❤️

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Beautiful (20cm) Crystal Grid Board ❤️❤️

(Board only, Crystals sold separately)

What is a Crystal Grid?

Putting your Intention and Thought into creating a Grid for any Healing Purpose you desire 🙌🏽

Crystal grids are communities of crystals living together to amplify each other.

They strengthen themselves by evoking the mantra of, power in numbers. 

Patterns are energetic visuals that can be absorbed and emulated.

Beautiful patterns with crystals release a palpable frequency and energetic vibration we can absorb.

Changing the pattern of your environment and energy field can have the power to transform you and your space 🙌🏽❤️

Also great for anyone who suffers from Anxiety as focusing your energy and mind on creating a grid takes away from the feelings of Anxiety, Stress and Worry…

Crystal Packs for Grids can also be purchased or you can use your own, any crystals will work as it’s all in your intention that makes these Grids work to their ultimate potential 🙏

All my pieces are Cleared and Charged with Reiki