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Steel Tongue Harmony Drum Green Large ❤️

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Steel Tongue Harmony Drum Green Large

Such a great way to incorporate Mindfulness into your family’s life or just a daily ritual for yourself 💖

A steel tongue drum is a percussion instrument in the idiophone family played for centuries.

It creates sound by striking its metal surface with fingers or mallets. 

Hluru steel drum has a beautiful design and exquisite craft. This drum is hand-made with high-resistant carbon steel and titanium alloy technology. Also, the drum surface is covered with an electroplated varnish that forms a protective film, which gives the instrument high durability to protect it from scratch. 


Great for all ages! It's super easy to learn without any musical background required. First, apply the note stickers on the drum, then follow the number of the sheet music. You will have a beautiful melody in no time!

Premium Accessories

  1. Drum Sticks
  2. Scale stickers 
  3. Music Book
  4. Velvet Pouch to keep all in 

Sound Healing & Music Education

The sound of this steel tongue drum is clear and bright. Moreover, the small body can fit in your backpack, making it easy to bring with you for music enlightenment anywhere!  

So get your mind in tune with this incredible steel drum! Without any musical background, you will create fantastic music and enjoy the sound-healing experience from day one. In addition, the sound of this drum brings a pleasant and relaxing feeling.

Therefore, these drums are perfect for music education for children!