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Crystal Assortment Box

Healing Channel

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This is a great pack for anyone starting off with Crystals or to add to the Ultimate Crystal Lovers Collection ❤️

Pack Consists of Raw Pieces of:

Amethyst – Peace, Calm and Anxiety

Black Tourmaline – Protection

White Howlite – Calm, Patience, Focus

Rose Quartz – Love, Compassion & Forgiveness

Amazonite – Truth, Communication & Life Purpose

Selenite – Cleanser/Recharger of all Crystals, Protection, Mental Clarity & Focus

Lepidolite – Healing, Self-Love & Forgiveness, Warmth & Compassion

Black Obsidian – Protection, Grounding, Dispels Negative Emotions, Self-Control, Transformation & Fulfilment

White Sage – Cleansing and ridding unwanted energies whilst inviting good energies and fortune

All boxed up beautifully together in a Chocolate Style Gift Box

All pieces have been Cleared and Charged with Reiki