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Fire Agate Indian Chief Head on Stand ❤️

Healing Channel

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Absolutely Stunning, Solid and Unique Piece with Amazing Energy ❤️

Detail in this Fire Agate Chief Head is unbelievable and would make an Absolute Statement Piece in any Home or Space…

Fire Agate has a passionate and joyful energy that is also fiercely protective.

It is a stone that inspires great courage within us and urges us to follow our bliss and leave behind the humdrum of routine.

Anyone preparing for a big change would do well to work with Fire Agate’s energy.

Fire Agate helps us to feel energetically protected. This feeling makes it easier to build a strong and healthy emotional foundation that can whether the storms of life.

(head weighs 0.620kg)

(approx 19cm x 13cm and stands 24cm on stand)

All my pieces are Cleared and Charged with Reiki