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Nguni Jasper Polished Freeform

Healing Channel

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This is a beautiful Nguni Jasper Polished Freeform ❤️

So many different patterns and stories to tell, you could get lost staring into this for hours, its such an amazing piece…

The Stone for Change, Resentment and Anger….

Nguni Jasper supports you in cultivating adaptability in a variety of situations. When life happens and we find ourselves stressed out, Nguni Jasper gently reminds us that we can adapt and move through any situation.

This earthly gemstone which also carries a deeply protective energy which makes it an excellent aid for warding off negative energy and grounding scattered thoughts.

Nguni Jasper is a perfect assistant during ritual work, manifestation, shadow work, and magic.

All my pieces are cleared and charged with Reiki