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Restful & Blissful Sleep Pack

Healing Channel

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Beautiful Pack to assist you with having a Restful and Blissful Sleep.

Pack Consists of:

1 x Amethyst Tumbled Stone  - Calming, brings healing energy to your dreams, promoting deep sleeping.

1 x Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone  - Loving & Healing energies

1 x Moonstone Tumbled Stone  - Reduces emotional tension and helps you drift into dreamland

1 x Lepidolite Tumbled Stone  - Brings Calm and Serene sleep and dreams

1 x Apatite Tumbled Stone – Helps stop bad dreams & nightmares

1 x Palo Santo- Cleanses and rids all Negative & Unwanted Energies 

1 x Satin Pouch 

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