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Smithsonite Cluster 💙

Healing Channel

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Absolutely Gorgeous and Amazing Big Cluster of Smithsonite 💙💙

(weighs just over 1.7kgs)

Smithsonite is a valuable emotional healer. It teaches you the difference between ego based love (love with strings attached) and divine love (unconditional love).
It can assist you in being more expressive of kindness, compassion and support.
This stone is soothing for the emotional body and relieves stress.

It cools anger and resentment of others. Smithsonite eases tension and dispels debilitating anxiety. It assists you in knowing that you are not alone in this world even if occasionally you feel lonely. ​
Smithsonite helps you use and increase your leadership abilities, especially where you need to be tactful.
It helps nurture relationships. It is a stone that will settle down family relationship problems. It lends harmony, diplomacy to you while removing unpleasant situations. ​

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