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Smudging Kit

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Smudging Kit perfect for clearing your Home, Office or any Space.


1 x Medium White Sage Smudge 

1 x Natural Unpolished Abalone Shell.

White Sage: 

For hundreds of years, white sage (salvia apiana) has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant. 
It’s used to clear unwanted energies and negativity 

Smudging is a cleansing used to rid a person, space or object of negative energy or unwanted energies.

Sage gets rid of negative ions and our aura holds positive ions.
Through the smudging process we can neutralise our aura or the energy of other spaces and objects to cleanse and renew.

Abalone Smudge Shell 🐚 

Abalone Shell is said to enhance feelings of peace, compassion and love. It has a lovely warm, gentle vibration.
Abalone Shell is an excellent companion when needing guidance in relationships as it enhances and supports communication, cooperation, commitment and compromise, which in turn lead to harmony and balance.

All my pieces are cleared with Reiki