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The Box of Love - Heart & Love Cleansing Box

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Absolutely Stunning Gift Box for yourself or someone that deserves spoiling right now…

This box Consists of Crystals which will help you with all aspects of Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Sensuality 🙌🏽🙌🏽

Box Consists of of:

1 x Raw Rose Quartz Chunk - Love, Forgiveness and Compassion 

1 x Emerald Tumbled Stone - Heart Chakra, Love, Compassion and Sensuality 

1 x Lepidolite- Activates your Throat, Heart & Third Eye Chakras, Clearing all Blockages & Emotions

1 x Raw Selenite Stick-  Cleanser & Recharger of all crystals, clears all unwanted & negative  Energies and helps with Mental Focus

1 x Palo Stick - Thick cut - Clears all unwanted & negative energies from yourself and your space.

All packaged beautifully in a black display box…

All my pieces are cleared with Reiki